Keenon's Homepage

Hi there! I'm a Computer Science and Biomechanics PhD student at Stanford.

I work on exoskeletons to restore mobility for people with disabilities, like me.

You can read about it on my blog, or follow me on Twitter (though I don't post often).

You can also reach me via email at

Things I've built that I'm especially proud of:

Energy Museum
Work in Progress! Visualization of energy flows in the body during gait, based on data from AddBiomechanics
A tool to automate biomechanical data processing, and encourage sharing. 300+ labs from around the world use AddBiomechanics to process and share their data.
Differentiable physics engine for humans and robots. This is the foundation for AddBiomechanics, and has 340+ stars on GitHub in its own right.

I was co-founder and CEO at Eloquent Labs back in 2016 with Gabor Angeli. We ran it together for 3 years, grew it to ten employees, and were acquired by Square.

About me:

I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth (type 2A) at age 8. It started out with mild foot-drop, and has progressed over the last 20 years to be almost complete paralysis below the knee, weakness in my upper thighs, and weakness in my hands. If we don't find a better solution, I'll probably end up in a wheel chair in the next couple of years.

I grew up in Minnesota, with the best family in the world.

I did my undergrad at Stanford, class of 2016, and did some work in Chris Manning's NLP Group. After undergrad, I founded Eloquent Labs with Gabor Angeli. We built AI chatbots for customer support, landed a few big enterprise accounts, grew to ten people, and were acquired by Square (now Block) back in 2019, where I worked for a year. All told it was a good 4 years of my life :)

Now I'm back at Stanford, working on curing my disability with better powered exoskeletons. While I'm at it, I'm getting a PhD and trying to beat my college sweetheart's (and now wife's) outrageous citation count from her masters work -- though I've still got a long way to go.

Exoskeletons touch a lot of academic disciplines, so I go to a bunch of different lab meetings. My main academic home is with the Movement Lab with professor Karen Liu, and I also hang out with the Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab with professor Scott Delp, and the Biomechatronics Lab with professor Steve Collins.